Sesame Ginger Watercress & Minted Cucumber Noodles


Sesame Ginger Watercress & Minted Cucumber Noodles

For years, when I thought of watercress, I’d picture fancy ladies enjoying finger sandwiches with tea. I’m sure there’s a literary reason for it…Sense & Sensibility; The Secret Garden; Wuthering Heights? Somebody, in some book I read as a kid, must’ve eaten watercress sandwiches…

BUT, I digress! The truth is, there’s no raised-pinky required to enjoy watercress. The leaves are delicate, but they’re earthy and peppery and when you yearn for spring, they feel like a brave harbinger of sunnier days to come.

Have you seen the new hydroponically grown watercress being sold in our produce department? Produced by employee-owned Pete’s Living Greens in California, this watercress is grown with 85% less water and 70% less land than greens from traditional growers.

When I saw Pete’s watercress in the produce department, I couldn’t resist taking it home and making something with it!

I looked for a recipe that would transcend the usual salad and definitely not involve cooking the watercress. (There are a lot of stir-fry recipes for watercress, but it felt like sacrilege to cook these lovely leaves.) I landed on this recipe from the Boulder Locavore.

The cucumber noodles appealed to my newly-low-carb self and the idea of using mint, mandarin and sesame oil made this seem like something special.

So…I went shopping…

I found everything I needed for this recipe at the Co-op! Have I ever told you how much I appreciate one-stop shopping?!

The first order of business was noodling up some cucumbers. I don’t own a veggie spiralizer, although I’m thinking about getting one. (Do you have one? Would you recommend it?)

So, I used my  peeler to make cucumber noodles.