5 Spring Foods to Get Excited About!

When you LOVE local food, you REALLY look forward to spring because of all the sweet, tender local veggies that FINALLY become available.

We’re not QUITE there yet, but here are five local foods to be on the lookout for in the next few weeks plus our favorite ways to take the best advantage of them!

1) Asparagus

A sure sign of spring, the first asparagus of the season is sweet and tender, so snatch it up the minute you see it!

Our favorite way to make it:


Two words. Dill. Havarti. Perfection in a grilled cheese sandwich.

from Foodiecrush


2)  Radishes

Early spring radishes come in lovely colors and have a pleasingly peppery, crisp taste.

Our favorite way to make them:


Warmer weather means it’s time to grill, so what could be more perfect than grilling spring radishes?!

from Wicked Spatula


3) Rhubarb

These tart ruby stalks call to mind sunny afternoons spent on our grandmother’s garden.

Our favorite way to make it:

Pie. In your hand. Enough said.

from Saveur


4) Spring dug parsnips

Parsnips planted in the previous spring are left in the ground to “Winter” and experience a deep freeze. As this happens, the starches are converted to sugar, the flavor matures, and the flesh becomes a bit more tender. Mmmmm.

Our favorite way to make them:

A fresh combination of savory sweet flavors.

from Tasty Seasons


5) Ramps

Ramps have a short spring harvest and are not quite a scallion or a leek; neither garlic nor onion. Ramps are fresher, more pungently scented, sweeter and more mildly flavored than their fellow alliums.

Our favorite way to make them:


Bacon and ramps together in one perfect little package. Fantastic!

from Serious Eats