The worker is just as important as the work.

Across every department of the Co-op, our staff at the heart of our amazing customer service. Every member of the Co-op team steps up to do the best work they can in an effort to serve our customers with kindness, respect and expertise. We believe there are no small roles to be played here and are looking for people who want to be proud of their jobs and their workplace every, single, day.

Co-op team members also strive to be of service to each other and are ready to help out in any department of the store whenever necessary. All that, AND, we have a great time while we do it! If you’ve got what it takes to be a Co-op team member, you’ll be rewarded with fairness, kindness, respect, a healthy dose of camaraderie and these other awesome benefits...

  • a generous store discount

  • medical, dental and vision insurance (at 30 hours per week)

  • paid time off

  • professional development opportunities

And so much more!

We’re currently hiring for these positions:

Fresh Foods Manager

Reports to: Store Manager
Wage Level: 5
Status: Full-time, Exempt
Salary: $40,000 - $62,400

Direct Reports: Fresh Foods Assistant Manager, Fresh Foods Pricing Coordinator, Fresh Foods Supervisor, Fresh Foods Specialized Team Members, Fresh Foods Team Members

 The Fresh Foods Manager will lead the efforts of the Kitchen, Café and Meat & Sea Teams. A successful Fresh Foods manager will be a supportive team player, experienced leader, systems developer and an enthusiastic learner. They will earn the loyalty and respect of their team with fairness, clarity of expectations and excellent communication. They will work to ensure all department staff are supported in successfully performing the tasks outlined in their job descriptions by utilizing progressive coaching techniques and they will not shy away from tough conversations that serve to benefit the team and the organization as a whole. 

The Fresh Foods Department Manager will develop staff training and department plans and goals including: department systems/operations; sales, margin, labor, and productivity goals; and set and menu planning.

 The Fresh Foods Manager will be responsible for:

  • Modeling the highest level of customer service.

  • Being a leader for the Fresh Foods Team and throughout the Co-op.

  • Ensuring that support and accountability are equally emphasized in the culture of the Fresh Foods Department and throughout the Co-op.

  • Creating menus and product sets that are optimized to meet a) maximum sales opportunity and b) maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Overseeing the execution of a robust promotional sales program.

  • Meeting margin goals through exacting pricing strategy and upkeep, seeking and taking advantage of strategic buying opportunities.

  • Staying within labor goals

  • Define and inspire the work of a comprehensive team.

All of the above responsibilities are meant to support the successful operation of Berkshire Food Co-op in pursuit of our ends, goals and vision.

Fresh Foods Pricing Coordinator

Reports to the Fresh Foods Manager
Full Time (35-40 hrs/wk)

Berkshire Food Co-op Coordinators support specific departments or whole store operations by managing or overseeing functions, processes, systems and services. They possess additional skills, knowledge and experience which is applied to more specialized job responsibilities. They are committed to excellence in retail and service standards, ensuring smooth, safe and efficient operations, and curating an exceptional customer experience. They work to achieve the collective goals of the organization and support the Ends, Vision, Culture and Values of the Co-op.

The Fresh Foods Pricing Coordinator supports the Fresh Foods Manager with a focus on margin control through price management according to set pricing strategies by: purchasing inventory for the Fresh Department; conducting monthly inventory counts; auditing inventory on-hand; shrink processing; promotions planning and execution; local deals coordination; and category management (item evaluation and new item selection). They also keep POS systems updated by maintaining accurate “active” items lists and item descriptors; and auditing register buttons. The Fresh Foods Pricing Coordinator provides the Department Manager with analysis on pricing/sourcing opportunities; and enters received costs and quantities into food management software (Reciprofity).

Secondary responsibilities include: receiving and stocking; food production (for outlets and made to order); working backstock; fronting/facing; ensuring only fresh product is on display for customers; identifying and logging product shrink; and maintaining clean and orderly customer areas and work stations. The Fresh Foods Coordinator will also administer training; assist with daily set up and ongoing maintenance of the customer facing display of full-service and self-service cases (grab n go, hot bar, salad bar, etc); and provide exemplary customer service. They will help to create and maintain production and priority lists for team members to follow; produce a purchasing “needs” list; and support the needs of the greater Fresh Department.

All of the above responsibilities are meant to support the successful operation of Berkshire Food Co-op in pursuit of our ends, goals and vision.


Customer Service Team Member

Part Time (12-24 hrs/wk)
starting at $12/hr

The Customer Service Team embodies the most noble values in customer service. They are responsible for offering a smooth & accurate check out experience while maintaining grace under pressure, having a sense of humor and treating each customer like the valued friend they are sure to become.

We’re looking for a team member that’s passionate about serving others and brings their best self to work every, single day.

You’re a great fit for this very important position if you:

  • Understand that the 100th customer you check out on any given day is having THEIR first Co-op experience of the day, week, month or EVER.

  • Can balance efficiency with friendliness and understand that in a pinch, friendliness wins.

  • Are willing to put customer satisfaction above your own ego.

  • Wake up every morning with a smile in your heart and a deep need to share that positivity with others.

  • Are quick to ask customers and co-workers, “How can I help?”

  • Understand that offering customers the best possible shopping experience at the Co-op is EVERYONE’S job, regardless of individual job titles or descriptions.

  • Are able and willing to communicate what kind of support you need to do your best work.

Big bonus points for being flexible with your schedule!

Is this YOU?!

Fresh Foods Team Member

Part Time (12-24 hrs/wk)
starting at $12/hr

Our Fresh Foods Department includes our Meat, Seat & Cheese counter, Café and Prepared Foods kitchen. This position is based in the Meat, Sea & Cheese area but will be expected to train into the other areas of the Fresh Foods Department.

You’re perfect for this position if you:

  • Have professional food experience.

  • Passionately believe that food is love.

  • Intuitively understand time management.

  • Are brave and speak up when you need help.

  • Be generous & quick to help others when you see they need support.

  • Are always learning and seeking to improve your skills.

  • Value being a part of a team, but are able to get things done on your own, if necessary.

  • Take pride in doing excellent work.

  • Take direction AND identify & suggest improvements in systems and processes.

  • Have a flexible schedule.

  • Have a sense of humor!

Sound good?!

Center Store Team Member

Full Time (35-40 hrs/wk)
starting at $12/hr

Our Center Store Department includes our Produce, Wellness and Grocery areas, This position is based in Produce but will be expected to train into the other areas of the Center Store Department.

Produce is at the root (pun intended) of our mission to bring the best fresh food to our community. The team works with local farmers, brings in the best the season has to offer and keeps the coolers looking abundant and beautiful. Part heavy lifters, part merchandising artists, part food experts and ALL about customer service, the produce team keeps their perspective fresh (eh, pun again) and spirits sunny.

You’re perfect for this position if you:

  • Have a contagious sense of humor and perennially optimistic attitude.

  • Are a natural problem solver, but have the courage to ask for help when you need it.

  • Understand how to manage your time.

  • Are passionate about bringing good food to a great people.

  • Can be generous & quick to help others when you see they need support.

  • Value being a part of a team, and are also able to get things done on your own, if necessary.

  • Take pride in doing excellent work.

  • Take direction AND identify & suggest improvements in systems and processes.

  • Have a flexible schedule.

Sound like the pear-fect job for you?!

Berkshire Food Co-op is seeking a new General Manager

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the General Manager will lead the cooperative in all departments, including store operations, finance, marketing, merchandising, technology, and human resources. Along with the management team, this position will navigate the company through an increasingly competitive consumer market. The performance will be measured based on asset protection, financial conditions, business planning, and financial budgeting, staff treatment and compensation, member engagement and customer service levels, among other areas. A visionary leader is required to foster an effective teamwork environment across multiple levels including the board, owners, employees, and the community at large.

Required qualifications:

  • Personal/Professional ethics aligned with the cooperative principles

  • Proven ability to articulate a vision and get group members to buy into it

  • Ability to be proactive and keep the momentum going for growth and change

  • Strategic planning experience

  • Ability to motivate, lead, and coordinate people to gain cooperation

  • Ability to sustain an effective management team

  • Experience with hiring, training, evaluating, compensating and firing

  • Operating, capital, and cash budgeting experience

  • Ability to make sound financial decisions

  • Experience working with stakeholders at multiple levels

  • Understanding of marketing and merchandising in highly competitive markets

  • Demonstrated ability to develop systems

  • Openness to others’ ideas

  • Ability to manage own and others’ time

  • Ability to present written and spoken information clearly

  • Demonstrated ability to give and receive feedback without defensiveness

Required Years of Experience

Desired Experience: • Retail management experience, preferably in grocery, natural foods, or food co-op (as general manager, store manager, operations manager, or district manager) • Prior bottom line accountability for a retail business, preferably larger than $5 million in annual sales volume • Experience managing new store opening/renovation • Knowledge of natural foods • Ability to interpret financial statements to laypeople • Experience with policy governance

Send a cover letter and resume to

Berkshire Food Co-op is an EO employer.