Everyone can shop. Anyone can own.

We’re a democratically governed grocery store owned by more than 3,500 friends & neighbors working together to make a difference in our community.

Everyone can shop at Berkshire Food Co-op and anyone can become an Owner.

Purchasing a share in the Co-op is an investment in a community-owned business that's a trusted source of healthy, local and organic products while also investing in the sustainability and well-being of our local economy.

Invest in a local business that puts people before profit and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

Why Become an Owner?

When you purchase a share in Berkshire Food Co-op, you help us...

  • support local farmers and food producers

  • contribute to the local economy

  • work toward a sustainable local and regional food system

  • provide community education about health and environmentalism

  • engage in sustainable business practices

  • promote thoughtful and responsible consumerism

  • foster a cooperative community spirit

  • offer needs-based and senior discounts

Owner Benefits

Owners can also...

  • save 15% storewide on quarterly Owner Appreciation Days.

  • get exclusive access to our Buying Club, which allows owners to purchase large quantities below retail prices.

  • receive Patronage Dividends proportional to the amount you spent at the Co-op during profitable fiscal years.

  • vote in Board elections.

  • opt to run for the Board of Directors.

  • use Prepaid Owner Tabs (PPOT) which allow you to use Owner cards at checkout as an alternative to credit/debit cards.

  • attend the Annual Co-op Meeting, enjoy food and drink with the Board and learn about the health and future of our Co-op.

How to Become an Owner

You can purchase a share all at once or through an installment program. Either way, once you’ve set up an ownership account, you have all the rights and benefits of Ownership. After you’ve paid in full, you won’t be required to pay any more in equity unless the Board of Directors elects to raise the share amount. If, at any time, you choose to leave the Co-op your equity share is 100% refundable. All you have to do is ask.

How much does a share cost?

We want everyone to be able to afford a share in the Berkshire Food Co-op— that’s why we have a payment plan! The total cost of an equity share is $150*. It’s your choice if you want to pay in full when you sign up, or opt into our payment plan. With a $30 initial payment (including a one-time nonrefundable $10 administration fee) you can start enjoying Owner benefits immediately, then you'll pay $20/year until your entire share has been paid for.

How do you buy a share?!

It’s EASY! You can either...

  • come to the Co-op, get a form from any cashier & fill it out. Then, choose a payment option and pay! Boom, now you OWN a grocery store!


Owners applying in the store will receive their new owner packet immediately which contains an Owner card with Owner number, a share certificate, exclusive new Owner coupons and a reusable shopping bag. New Owners completing their applications online can pick their packets up in the store at their earliest convenience.

*The Board of Directors may raise the Equity Share at its discretion.