Health Soup


health soup

Is it just my imagination, or every winter do we think more people are more sick than any time in recent history? I’m no PhD with the CDC, but my theory is that each year rather than being more SICK, we’re actually more BUSY and less tolerant of having to spend a day or two resting when our bodies feel unwell.

Either way, no one likes to feel lousy and no one likes for the people they love to feel lousy. So, this year, when my two kids were on their third consecutive day of missing school due to illness, I was ready to do whatever I could to get them feeling better (and out of the house) again.

When I came upon Tamar Adler’s Health Soup recipe in the New York Times cooking section, it stopped me in my tracks. We always think of soup as a wonderful cure-all, a comfort to the ill as much those who care for them, but a soup actually named “Health Soup” cannot be ignored!

Full disclosure, I’m a long-time Tamar Adler fan and will read anything she writes and cook any recipe of hers I find. If you haven’t read, An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, do. It’s a thoughtful approach to food and how we prepare it – and it’s beautifully written.

On to the making of the soup…