Six Scrumptious Squash Recipes

Never cooked with a Red Kuri squash before?

Boy are you in for a treat!

Make the most of the fall harvest with these delectable dishes…


This gorgeous salad would make a fabulous platter when you have company AND it makes a fantastic healthy lunch to pack during the work week!


Use any Asian chili paste or sauce you have in your refrigerator to give this rice bowl a touch of salty heat.


Roasted red kuri squash topped with tart dried cherries that’ve been sautéed in butter with rosemary and then mixed with pecans… THIS is heaven on a plate.


Sweet meets savory. Dance taste-buds, dance.


A hearty vegan curry where flavor meets nutrition! You can easily add legumes to boost the protein!


Savory squash and earthy sage with the background of sweet-salty nuttiness that comes from cooking down veggies to the point of caramelization — in wine and brown sugar, no less…do we need to say more?