The Buzz, June 19th - Featuring Big Elm Brewing & La Riojana Wines


Featured Producer

Big Elm Brewing 

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 “At the end of our street on the side of Route 7 there is a plaque that commemorates the “big elm” of Sheffield. This is where the massive tree that gives us our name stood for almost 400 years. Before there was a town hall the people of Sheffield would meet under the tree which could give shade to hundreds. While the tree no longer stands, we hope to embody the spirit of what it meant by giving people something with which to gather around and enjoy each others’ company.” 

 413 Farmhouse Ale 

Saison / Farmhouse Ale 
6% ABV 

This Belgian ale is brewed with barley, wheat, chamomile, orange zest, hops, water and a Saison yeast. This unique recipe is meant to highlight some familiar farmhouse flavors while also breaking from the mold of the traditional. 

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6% ABV 

An IPA brewed with grain from Maine that was malted in South Egremont at Turner Hill Malting Co. and hops grown and processed in Northfield at Four Star Hop Farms. Fermented with a new, exciting Kveik yeast cultivated in Norway and brewed in a low bitter but highly hopped manner to accentuate the fruity and juicy notes of the hops and yeast. 

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La Riojana Fair Trade Wines

“La Riojana is one of the largest co-operatives in Argentina and is currently ranked the country’s third largest wine exporter (by volume). But for our growers, their families and the communities they support, La Riojana means so much more than just the company to whom they sell their grapes. 

La Riojana was the first Argentine winery to become Fairtrade certified in 2006. We have grown to be the largest Fairtrade wine producer in the world providing, since 2006, approximately $15 million Argentine pesos of support to our members, our workers, their families and in turn to their local communities.” 

Riojana Fairtrade Malbec 

100% Malbec grapes 
Smooth & fruity 

This is a medium bodied, juicy wine with soft, ripe red fruit aromas and flavours. A perfect match for grilled red meats, tomato based pasta dishes, cheese or chocolate. 

Riojana Fairtrade Torrontés 

100% Torrontés grapes 
Crisp & fruity 

This is a dry, unoaked wine bursting with heavenly green melon, peach aromas and delicious citrus flavours, leaving a crisp lingering finish. Ideal as an aperitif or enjoy with fish, creamy pasta dishes and slightly spiced Asian cuisine.