Community & Camraderie Abound at our Grand Opening!

June 19th was an exciting day for staff and community as we opened the doors on our brand new store for the very first time.

The day began with an opening ceremony offering greetings and gratitude from Project Manager, Dan Esko, followed by an acknowledgement of the origins of the land upon which our store sits, by Jennifer Salinetti, Secretary of the Board of Directors. Jonathan Butler, President & CEO of 1Berkshire spoke about the economic impact of our expanded store and Nyanna L. Slaughter shared a statement from Senator Elizabeth Warren expressing the power of putting our principles into practice. Erica Spizz, President of the Board of Directors, spoke about the importance of community involvement in the Co-op and Garland McQueen, Interim General Manager offered a warm welcome to everyone.

The ceremony came to a close with the cooperative cutting of the ribbon by a group of longtime owners, board members and staff.

Our favorite part of the day was watching our friends and neighbors faces as they explored our new store for the very first time.

Many, many thanks to everyone in the community for their patience and support while we worked to bring you this beautiful, new store!