From the Editor | Winter 2018-2019

During the quiet of early winter, as so much of the natural world is asleep, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the future.

I find myself standing at the office window staring into the vast, empty spaces of our new building. I build a mental picture of the bright new cafe, the shiny sandwich station, the new beer & wine selection...

As I stand there, looking into the future, I’m aware that I am able to see so clearly because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Everything we’ve done to prepare for this move has been born from the accomplishments of those who came before us. 

There is a phrase often used in scientific circles to describe the space just beyond what we know—the “adjacent possible”. With each new discovery, the landscape of what we know changes, and so too, does the terrain of the adjacent possible. 

The group of friends who hatched a plan to bring good food into our community could never have dreamt of what we’d become. For them, the adjacent possible was an old barn they could convert into a grocery store. Even then, the store that we’re in now—which we deem impossibly small—would have seemed like an unachievable dream.

And yet, as the landscape has changed, new possibilties have emerged on the horizon. We push forward, one step at a time, discovering new ground as we go. 

Our sense of possibility and our courage to step into the unknown have been fed by our collective strength. Together, we have dreamt, planned, raised funds and achieved amazing things—things that have altered the course of our community.

Today, we are a thriving business that feeds thousands of our friends and neighbors, circulates millions of dollars through our community every year and employs dozens of hard working people who have formed friendships and become a family.

I’m grateful for the promise tomorrow holds and for the past that has made it all possible. 

Speaking of growth and change...we are proud to release the very first issue of “The Scoop”. This new quarterly magazine will replace our old quarterly newsletters. We hope to provide you with information and inspiration about our products, our community and the world beyond the Berkshires.

Everything in this issue was brought together by a team of smart, fun, interested and interesting people who are excited to bring you something new. 

We hope you enjoy it!