Our grand opening is June 19th!

Take a peek at the inside of the store! (The finishing touches are still in progress!)

From breaking ground to nearly done — watch the timelapse video to experience it all from March 2018 through May 2019 in only two minutes!


The Details

  • Our current space is 7,100 square feet (4,400 retail, 2,700 backroom/office).

  • The Co-op will almost double in size and expand into a 13,900 square foot space (7,600 retail, 6,300 backroom/office).

  • The Co-op will be located on the ground floor of a mixed use development located on our current parking lot and the adjacent property (Laramee’s).

  • The mixed use development is being developed by Benchmark Development (Lenox, MA) and the Co-op will be an anchor tenant with a long term lease.

  • The development will include other smaller retail spaces and condominiums.

  • The new store will feature significantly expanded departments with increased product offerings and a big focus on expanding our produce and prepared foods departments.


Our mission is bigger than any building we could occupy. But the truth is, a bigger building will help us do more good in the community. Even though we’re only a few blocks from Rosseter Street, we've come a long way. Our shared values have gotten us this far and together, we're ready to take the next step in our growth.

We’re going to raise an additional $750K by June 30th.
Are you ready to INVEST?!

The final Phase of Fundraising

Owners have already committed $1.4M in loans to make this project possible. We’re going to raise an additional $750 thousand in Owner Loans by June 30th to cover higher-than-anticipated project costs and provide a safety net as our sales catch up with our size!

  • We are accepting loans with terms from 8 to 10 years

  • The minimum loan level is $500

  • For loans up to $10,000 we are offering interest rates of up to 3%.

  • For loans over $10,000 we are offering interest rates of up to 5%

  • Actual percentage rate and term determined by the lender within the offered range

  • Interest is simple, non-compounding and calculated on a per annum basis

If you’d like more details about making a loan, please fill out this simple form and we’ll get right back in touch with you!

You can also reach out directly to Daniel Esko, Project Manager at invest@berkshire.coop or 413-591-0323.  

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