Our mission is bigger than any building we could occupy. But the truth is, a bigger building will help us do more good in the community. Even though we’re only a few blocks from Rosseter Street, we've come a long way. Our shared values have gotten us this far and together, we're ready to take the next step in our growth.


The Details

  • Our current space is 7,100 square feet (4,400 retail, 2,700 backroom/office).

  • The Co-op will almost double in size and expand into a 13,900 square foot space (7,600 retail, 6,300 backroom/office).

  • The Co-op will be located on the ground floor of a mixed use development located on our current parking lot and the adjacent property (Laramee’s).

  • The mixed use development is being developed by Benchmark Development (Lenox, MA) and the Co-op will be an anchor tenant with a long term lease.

  • The development will include other smaller retail spaces and condominiums.

  • The new store will feature significantly expanded departments with increased product offerings and a big focus on expanding our produce and prepared foods departments.


Opening day is IN May!

The final Phase of Fundraising

As you recall, Owners committed $1.4M in loans to make this project possible. We are seeking to raise an additional $575,000 to cover some cost overruns and provide an operational cushion as business builds in our new location.

This operational cushion will help us staff up and handle increased overhead (rent & utilities) as we ramp up sales to a self-sustaining level.

  • We are accepting loans with terms from 8 to 10 years

  • The minimum loan level is $1,000

  • For loans up to $10,000 we are offering interest rates of up to 3%.

  • For loans over $10,000 we are offering interest rates of up to 5%

  • Actual percentage rate and term determined by the lender within the offered range

  • Interest is simple, non-compounding and calculated on a per annum basis

If you’d like more details about making a loan, please fill out this simple form and we’ll get right back in touch with you!

You can also reach out directly to Daniel Esko, Project Manager at desko@berkshire.coop, 413-528-9697 ext.101.  

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