Berkshire Food Co-op is dedicated to helping to foster a healthy and strong community. Our Education & Outreach Coordinator strives to help community members live healthy and happy lives. These efforts include community support programs, off-site outreach programs and onsite classes and workshops for adults and children.


Community Builders 

Community Builders is an intergenerational service program that provides opportunities for all members of our community to participate in projects designed to help our neighbors, protect the environment or address areas of need right here in our local area. Volunteer opportunities include: cooking community dinners, building natural play structures, harvesting garlic and more!

For a full schedule see our events calendar.

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These in-store workshops encourage kids to cook and engage in projects where they have the chance to do-it-themselves. Workshops take place in the Cafe, usually on Saturday mornings. They last about an hour and kids make everything from vegetable spring rolls and stir-fries to homemade lip balm and all-natural Easter egg dyes.

For a full schedule see our events calendar.


Adult Workshops

At the Berkshire Food Co-op, we're always learning, growing and evolving. With our in-store workshops, we hope to share that spirit with our community. With topics ranging from home canning, vertical farming and home heating efficiency to diy fermentation and how to use a pressure cooker, these workshops are meant to appeal to our diverse community and aim to raise awareness through education.

For a full schedule see our events calendar.



Join us for a guided visit to one of the beautiful local farms that supply the Co-op with its fresh fruit and vegetables. Or come tour the facility of one of our local producers. Meet farmers and business owners and walk the land, sample the products and hear their stories. Get to know these fascinating and hardworking folks whose mission it is to feed our community.

For a full schedule see our events calendar.